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GHOEMA was the last musical created by David Kramer with his long-time musical partner Taliep Petersen.  This multi-award winning 
production, which has enjoyed repeat seasons in Cape Town and Johannesburg and been 
performed internationally, celebrates and explores our musical heritage.   Delving deep into early South African history at the Cape, the revue explores the roots of slave music as far back as 1650 - 1795, the heyday of the mighty Dutch East India Company which had an enormous influence on the lives of all people under its rule. The slaves that the Company brought to the Cape from countries as far as Indonesia, India, Madagascar, and Java had an enormous impact on the settlement here. They influenced a cross-pollination of lifestyles, music, language and culture between themselves, the indigenous people, the Dutch and other European settlers.

The fusion of all these influences into something that is uniquely South African, is the inspiration behind GHOEMA. ( A ghoema is a drum made from a small wine vat, with a skin stretched tightly over one end. It was created by the slaves and is still used today.)


2006 Fleur du Cap Awards
Best Lighting Design - Gert du Preez & David Kramer
Best Prop Design - Jesse Kramer
Best Set Design - Julian Davids

2007 Naledi Awards
Best Production of a Musical
Best Original Choreography - Loukmaan Adams
Best Musical Director - Taliep Petersen


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Press reaction to GHOEMA:

Mag Kramer.Petersen se Ghoema nie ophou praat nie


Phenomenal piece with amazing original music that entertains and educates about a vital part of our history

Cape Times

Kramer and Petersen have another winner ...The show takes you on a journey into the roots of ghoema music by telling the stories of the arrival of the slaves from the East, and the important influences that they had on life in this part of the world

Cape Argus

Ghoema het die gehoor op hul voete. Dis iets wat jou wegvoer, wat maak dat jy wil opspring en saam dans en sing

Krit - KKNK

Kramer & Petersen expose a cultural treasure trove glittering with textured language and irresistably intricate rhythms

The Star